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I'm old now,
this blog is old now,
and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Fine with me!

I have worked in all sorts of fields,
but currently, I'm getting schooled.

20-some years after getting kicked out of school,
I'm back in those plastic seats
feeling like wasted meat
and it's just like old times.

If you go digging, you can read about when I was a horny 21 yr old who liked to make over-the-top jokes about stabbin' babies and had a lot of pent-up rage from enjoying life in the service industry. You can read about me fuckin' around, laughing out loud, and cryin' to beat the ban... because, I come here to tell my story to myself...
.. and my mom, because I think she's the only reader now.
Hi, mom!

You can meet me anytime in my life between the last 13 years....
Thanks for not being interested.

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